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Islamic Shia Council of Victoria

Our Objectives

The Islamic Shia Council of Victoria was established in July 2015. We are a non-profit organisation which is run its executive members who are elected by the General Members who are appointed by Islamic Shia Organisations in Victoria or Individual Membership.

The main objectives of the Council is to bring unity within the Shia community and work with Shia organisations.

Aims, Objectives & Purposes

  1. to educate the Islamic community of its rights and responsibilities;
  2. to assist the Islamic community in the resolution of its social, economic, cultural, educational, health and religious needs;
  3. The Council, with the assistance and corporation with its member organisations shall provide help and assistance to the aged, frail, young, vulnerable, unemployed and needy. Through organisations and directly assist young disadvantaged people with aide, educational assistance, shelter, assists in finding employment and gain self-esteem. Organise Council charity fund raising events to raise funds to support the programs and encourage people in donating towards the council to enable the Council fund all the assistance that is require in the Australian community at large.
  4. in particular, without limiting the generality of the previous paragraphs:
    • to organise and promote educational instruction to children or adults;
    • to hold conferences, seminars, meetings and discussions and social functions;
  • to publish, produce and distribute any content whatsoever, including without limitation books, literature, films, videos, multimedia products, web sites, pamphlets, posters, periodicals and journals that the Council may think desirable for the promotion of its aims and objects;
  • to set a library open to the public;
  • to create and promote the spirit of unity and solidarity among the members of the community and assist to settle their disputes;
  • to associate and co-operate as appropriate with other social groups;
  • to establish and assist with the formation and support of schools or other institutions to provide education;
  • actively to promote the principal of multiculturalism (working towards acceptance of all cultures by all cultures, in a peaceful Australian society);
  • to provide Islamic marriage and divorce solemnizing services for Members and others in the community;
  • to provide Islamic funeral services for the estates of Members and others in need of this service;

We would like to warmly extend an advanced welcome to all visitors.