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Divorce is allowed (halal) in Islam, however it is the least recommended of all things permissible. Thus, the Imam Husain Islamic Centre advises that all parties consider the uncertain and often unpleasant consequences of divorce especially on children. As a general piece of advice, the Imam Husain Islamic Centre recommends the parties to let their minds and intellect overcome their immediate emotions and anger.

Remembering God, the Forgiving the Merciful, is a secret key in keeping marriage successful.

Forgive, if you want to be forgiven.

However, should there still be failure in all possible attempts to reach reconciliation, separation from one another in a gentle and Islamic manner is advised, to temporarily avoid further cases of dispute and allow clear contemplation of the situation at hand.


Should your require advice or assistance with Divorce, we will at Islamic Shia Council of Victoria connect you to the nearest Islamic Shia Organisation near you.